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The Climb Out

I’m writing these issues now tied to my own experiences and building a whole world around them that allows me to dive into some universal themes, say some things I need to say, and have a little fun while I’m doing it.

When I set out, I didn’t really consider the impact that my team would have on the story and on me. I figured I’d just kind of say the thing I wanted and it would be all mine. I quickly saw that it wasn’t that. David has this way of putting his stamp on it and through our interactions it’s made better. It’s funny to me because we’ve only met in real life a couple times and while I can’t speak for him, I feel like I know him. On some level, he knows me. Here’s how I know…

I was sharing some of his work with my wife (since all this work happened because she insisted I sit down and write). I was a little nervous to do so because I wasn’t sure how much she’d want to see any of our actual experiences play out on the page like this. Dangers of being married to an aspiring writer, I guess. She wanted to know just how I described some of these things as they hit a bit close to home and I had to tell her to read the script, because quite honestly, I’d forgotten the direction I’d given for various panels. We were both surprised to see that there was very little given to the one in question. It was all David. We’re in sync on so much of this that many of the panels feel like they were ripped from my mind. The ones that aren’t are even better.

There were a few times over the last year that I wasn’t sure if I could do this. Imposter syndrome, lack of patience, fear, not knowing enough about the industry, etc. If there could be a doubt about something, then I had it. Dan talked me out of the despair a couple times and unless he reads this blog post, didn’t even know he did it. He’s a pro and I’ve learned so much from him. He’s one of the most encouraging people I’ve ever encountered. So I pressed on.

My reason for writing all this today is to thank my collaborators (Bill’s practical advice on the script has also been invaluable). In my day job, I talk a lot about how innovations happen. No one creates something in a vacuum. This book is no different. Collaboration and the back and forth is what makes something better and worth spreading and sharing. Soon, I will also rely upon you, the readers, to help me spread the word, give your own feedback, insights, connections.

I’m getting better at putting the doubts and fears behind me because I think that this book is more important that just me and my own journey. I believe that it will have the power to connect people.

In about two weeks the Kickstarter rewards will all be sent, issue 1 will be available and we’ll see if I am right. Thanks for indulging me in all of this, I’m beyond grateful.

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