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Issue 1 Complete!

Issue 1 is complete! I’d been thinking that all this time that after I had a first issue completed that it would be smooth sailing…ha! Shows how much I know. I’m now dedicated to submitting to the publishers that are open to submissions while I make copies available here on the website in digital and print. Building the infrastructure around the series is now my biggest priority now that David is hard at work drawing issue 2.

As I make more and more connections with independent comic creators I can see that this work is not for the faint of heart. There is a lot of disappointment involved, a lot of waiting, and most of all a lot of learning. I’m trying to be a sponge right now and read up on all the advice I can find about what it takes to get this thing out into the wild. Aside from publishing, I’m also digging into the communities where I feel this book can have some impact. I really think it can help those who suffer from chronic conditions, but I struggle with how to promote myself within communities who are faced with the kinds of challenges that chronic conditions bring on. Even though I am a part of that community, I don’t want to use those groups as a way to “sell” something. That’s never been what this is about. I’ve never taken on work for financial gain. I want what I do to mean something, so I teach, and I write.

After a career spent distinguishing myself, it’s humbling to find myself back at the bottom of the ladder trying to climb up and earn the kind of recognition I think these stories deserve. I can see why this industry is such a meat grinder. When you factor in the costs involved with creating a book, printing, publishing, shipping, and the time; it’s easy to see why so many might give up, go broke, or barely squeak by. I continue to research ways to get the story into as many hands as possible while keeping up the motivation to see this thing through to the end.

I’ll keep posting updates on my progress. I have a few comic sites I’ll be working with over the coming days to widen access to the book, but until then, know that every day, I’m working on creating a strategy to continue my journey of bringing Dolorem to the world!

Your support is very much appreciated!


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