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Dolorem #1 is Almost Here!

It’s been a long journey, but we’re getting close to wrapping up issue one. Those of you who supported our work on Kickstarter will be in for this early preview with access to Dolorem #1 in digital format (still planning on the end of July for the launch).

Tearing up the joint

I wanted to share a little preview of some of the inked pages just to whet your appetite. The team of Jon, David, Dan and Bill are finding their grove and working on plans for the next 5 issues as well!

David has been cranking out pages quickly getting so Dan can work his magic brining Dolorem to life. Bill’s knowledge has helped make me a better comic writer and the synergy of this team has made this comic better than I envisioned when I first set out on this journey.

Each day, I find new sources of inspiration while on my own journey with chronic pain. The lack of access to timely support, procedures and navigating insurance approvals for treatment definitely inspire me to take out some of my rage through this medium.

I’m inspired by the stories I am hearing from others battling their own chronic conditions and hope that everyone can find a way to connect to the story we are sharing.

While it doesn’t take the pain and frustration away, it’s always helpful to know that this struggle isn’t just my own and that there is an entire community out there who is interested in seeing how Neit starts his journey knowing that regardless of which direction he takes, he’s facing more and more challenges.

That’s a view I’ve had on my own journey for quite some time. It reminds me of Norse Mythology elements that describe the harshness and inevitability of tragedy and suffering. It isn’t that they (myself included) are trying to eliminate the hardships, but it’s how we face them and endure that demonstrates character and purpose.

For those who didn’t get their copies via Kickstarter, I’ll be adding the first issue in digital format for sale on this site as well. Thanks for the support and ongoing encouragement!

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