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David Witt

A 20 year veteran freelance illustrator, poster maker, muralist, and fine artist, D.Witt’s love of comics is threaded into everything he does. His wide ranging styles often go in very different directions, but in Dolorem they all converge to tell this powerful story.

David has taught teens and adults how to create comics for five years, and has been writing and drawing stories and comics of his own for as long as he has been able to hold a pencil.

You can follow David’s updates on Instagram!

David’s comic credits include:

  • Black Light District, pencils and inks, Image comics
  • Back To the Future, inks, IDW publishing 
  • Dead Beat, horror anthology, inks, Kickstarter 

Pencilled and inked for Lerner Publishing:

  • Isis and Osiris 
  • The Hero Twins
  • The Smoking Mountain
  • Attack of the Mutant Meteors
  • Captured by Pirates 
  • Nightmare on Zombie Island