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One of the things that I think was a mistake was not to provide more of the dynamic, action oriented elements that will be present in the story while I was in the process of launching the Kickstarter, social media accounts, submissions to publishers, etc. It’s still going to have some epic struggles that include Neit kicking ass and getting his ass kicked. I guess I just thought that it was self-evident that those scenes would be part of the story and I was mistaken. After seeing so many Kickstarters and independent comics now, I see that comics has an incredibly wide range of stories that go well beyond the epic battles we’re all familiar with.

So, I want to add, Dolorem is still going to have those elements, it’s just that this story was inspired by something more than that. The idea that fights only happen with fists is also something I’d like to make sure people connect to in this story. But just to provide a little preview for what is coming…FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!

Neit will slug it out with plenty of characters before we learn that there are even more dire consequences to the pain of others. Hoping that you’ll continue on the journey to see just what those might be!

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