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Share the pain.
For a limited time! Dolorem #1 is now available as a free digital download!


Jon Fila – Creator/Writer

David Witt – Creator/Artist

Dan Kemp – Colorist

Bill Hauser – Letterer


Most invulnerable heroes enjoy a kind of comfort that has eluded Neit for most of his life. While physically invulnerable (most of the time), he still experiences pain that he inflicts on others.

Does he step into a situation knowing that it will likely add to his anguish, or will he use his gifts to help those around him and pay the cost?

As Neit learns his value to elemental forces who wish to use him for their own purposes, he must decide, what is the purpose of his suffering? Can his relationships survive his struggles with his condition and the healthcare industry?

Dolorem is a groundbreaking, must-read comic series that delves into struggles of a hero with increasing pain. Resonating with readers while sparking meaningful conversations about the challenges faced by those with chronic conditions. A symbol of resilience and hope, offering readers an inspiring and relatable journey that transcends the traditional superhero narrative.

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“…euery such thing as troubleth and greueth [greiveth] a man either in bodye or mynde.” – Thomas More